Personal Membership Info

Club tour and / or Trial

Trial Restrictions:

Only once per person.
When you reserve the date and time of the trial visit, we will not keep you waiting.
Fees include set rental fees.

For example you can experience


TANITA or InBody

body composition analyzer


Output carte

Measure and analyze
body fat muscle, bone, mass, etc.



Based on measurement results and requests, a tailor-made program will be devised.

Try the gym, studio, pool, etc.

  • Gym

  • Studio

  • Pool

  • Sauna

Corporate Membership Info

By enrolling in the esforta corporate membership program, members can use esforta clubs and allied facilities nationwide as well as various services (culture class, hotels) at reduced prices. Excellent for corporate welfare.

please contact us: 03-5320-3460(head office)

mail: e-support@esforta.co.jp